Sunday, September 28, 2014

New Episode Reaction - The Caretaker *SPOILERS*

Hello readers. Episode 6 means we're halfway through the series now! This means that today, I will be reacting to The Caretaker. Enjoy!

About this Story

TitleThe Caretaker
No. of Episodes1
Series No.
Episode No.
Series 8
Episode 6
Broadcast Dates27th Sept 2014
Overnight Ratings (UK)4.89 million
DoctorTwelfth Doctor
CompanionClara Oswald

The Doctor goes undercover in Coal Hill School

The Reaction


  • Character Development - Shed loads of much needed character development in this episode! We get to know Clara and the Doctor a bit better, but much of the development is on Danny. I liked this, as up until now all we knew about him in the present day was that he is a Maths teacher and used to be a soldier. Still don't like him, even if he did save the world...
  • Story Arc Reference - Missy made her first appearance since Into the Dalek with a scathing look over the shoulder. This time she has a sidekick in the sinister Seb, played by Chris Addison. This is filling me with intrigue, I want episode 12 like now.
  • Peter Capaldi - I think I write about this guy every week, but he definitely deserves it! Brilliant acting of serious and comedic sequences. I hope his tenure as the Doctor is one of decent length!

Low Points

  • Heavy Under-use of the Monster - The Skrillex Blister (or whatever the hell it was) could have been a proper scary robot thing. But it was just conveniently shoved 72 hours into the future to make room for some more character development. Also, it must have had the lamest defeat in history: it was just told to deactivate, and it did. Gripping stuff. (Sarcasm).
  • Pace - The large amount of character development and not much monster screen-time came at a cost to the pace of the episode. It felt incredibly slow to me, like it took a while to get started, then when it did get started, it was over very quickly.

Quote of the Week

Doctor: "Can’t you read?!"
Courtney: "Of course I can read. Read what?"
Doctor: "The door. It says “Keep Out.”"
Courtney: "No, it says “Go away humans.”"
Doctor: "Oh, so it does. Never lose your temper in the middle of a door sign."

Thank you for reading! Drop a comment with your thoughts or suggestions! They will be greatly appreciated!

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