Thursday, September 11, 2014

Death Count - Paradise Towers

Hello readers! In this edition of the Death Count series, I will be counting up the deaths in the Seventh Doctor story Paradise Towers.

About this Story

TitleParadise Towers
No. of Episodes4
Season No.
Serial No.
Season 24
Serial 2
Broadcast Dates5th Oct -
26th Oct 1987
Run-Time98' 22"
DoctorSeventh Doctor
CompanionMel Bush
The Doctor is attacked by a cleaner robot


After jettisoning the TARDIS swimming pool, Mel is looking for a place to swim. The Doctor decides to take her to Paradise Towers to use the pool there. However, when they arrive they learn about people disappearing, but nobody seems to be doing anything to stop it. Can the Doctor unite the factions and lead them to a victory?

The Death Count

Episode One

CharacterTime of DeathDescription
Unnamed Yellow Kang2' 01"Killed by cleaner robot
Caretaker 345/12 Subsection 311' 18"Killed by cleaner robot
The Doctor and Mel meet a Red Kang

Death Toll:


Death Rating:

8.12 (White)

Episode Two

CharacterTime of DeathDescription
No Exit (Red Kang)4' 16"Killed by cleaner robot
A cleaner robot carries away a body

Death Toll:


Death Rating:

4.05 (White)

Episode Three

CharacterTime of DeathDescription
Tabby2' 58"Killed by cleaner robot in Waste Disposal
Tilda3' 49"Killed by cleaner robot in Waste disposal
Unnamed Caretaker16' 25"Killed by cleaner robot
Chief Caretaker23' 10"Killed, body possessed by Kroagnon
Tabby is dragged down the waste disposal

Death Toll:


Death Rating:

16.26 (Mint)

Episode Four

CharacterTime of DeathDescription
Pool Robot4' 41"Shot by Mel
Unnamed Caretaker6' 26"Choked on gas released by cleaner robot
Cleaner Robot16' 20"Blown up by Kang-Rezzie alliance
Cleaner Robot17' 18"Blown up by Kang-Rezzie alliance
Pex21' 17"Triggers explosion to kill Kroagnon
Kroagnon21' 17"Explosion triggered by Pex
Mel is attacked by the pool robot

Death Toll:


Death Rating:

24.54 (Green)


Death Toll:


Death Rating:

13.22 (Mint)

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