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Character Profile - Adam Mitchell

Fact File

NameAdam Mitchell
Place of OriginEngland, Early 21st
Associated DoctorsNinth Doctor
RelationshipsUnnamed Mother
First AppearanceDalek
Portrayed ByBruno Langley


(NC) denotes a Non-Companion appearance

The Long Game

Adam working for Van Statten
Adam returns home with his infospike


A genius who hacked into American Defence computers aged eight, Adam worked in Henry Van Statten's underground base in Utah, where he catalogued many alien artefacts. When he took Rose to see Van Statten's 'Metaltron' (a heavily damaged Dalek), she inadvertently helped to restore it to full strength. Upon this happening, the Dalek went on a killing spree, and Adam and Rose had to race against time to escape the lower levels in order for the Doctor to be able to trap the Dalek underground.

Adam overwhelmed by
Satellite Five
Once the ordeal was over, the base was set to be filled with concrete, so Adam followed Rose and the Doctor into the TARDIS. From there, the Doctor took Adam to Satellite Five, a space-station for broadcasting the news to Earth, in the year 200,000. Adam was initially overwhelmed by the technological advances, but then he became greedy.

Adam accessing the
future information
Adam had an infospike installed in his brain which allowed him to store lots of information. Then, he used Rose's upgraded phone to call home and share the information with the human race in the past, potentially changing the course of human history. The Doctor learned of Adam's deceit and took him straight home, destroying the phone containing the data from the future, and left him there.


Adam was very clever and confident, arguably egotistical. In Dalek when talking about his intelligence, he claims to have nearly started World War Three when only 8 years old after hacking into the US Defence Systems. This may have been a slight exaggeration on his part to impress Rose, whom he harboured some affection for.

As mentioned above, Adam and Rose make a connection. This is shown by him attempting to impress her by showing off his high level of intelligence. Rose almost mirrors this in The Long Game when she tells Adam where and when they have landed.

Adam is also shown to be hungry for knowledge, and use that knowledge to gain power. This eventually leads to his downfall when the Doctor discovers that Adam attempted to share future technology with humans from the past.

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Top Five - Most Emotional Companion Exits

Hello readers! Today I'm going to try something new: I am going to voice my opinions. The first topic I will be sharing my opinions on will be my Top Five Most Emotional Companion Exits. I know I promised Top Tens, but I find ranking Top Fives easier. So, here goes!

5. Susan Foreman

The Doctor's grand-daughter. Susan travelled with the First Doctor, Ian and Barbara, meeting Daleks, Aztecs and many more alien creatures and historical figures. Susan was the first companion to cease travelling with the Doctor, but it wasn't entirely her choice. When they land in the 22nd Century, they TARDIS crew is shocked to find the Daleks have invaded Earth.

They work together with the rebelling population to stop the Dalek's plans and reclaim the planet. While doing this Susan grows close to a man named David. The Doctor sees their connection and locks Susan out of the TARDIS at the end of the adventure, delivering an emotional speech about how he will miss her. The Doctor then takes off, leaving Susan to have a settled life with David.

4. Adric

This boy genius travelled with the Fourth Doctor and, later, the Fifth Doctor. An arrogant, selfish child at times, Adric is definitely not one of my favourite companions. However, in his final story, Earthshock, he finally begins to grow on me. He risks his life to save Planet Earth when a space freighter hijacked by Cybermen is on collision course with the planet.

A time jump causes the freighter to travel back to 65 million years ago, still on collision course with Earth. Adric is about to unlock the navigation controls when a dying Cyberman shoots at him, misses and hits the controls, destroying them. Adric, with no time to escape, dies in the collision with Earth while the Doctor, Tegan and Nyssa watch, unable to help, from the TARDIS.

3. Donna Noble

Donna first met the Tenth Doctor when she materialised inside his TARDIS on her wedding day. On the same day, she met aliens, found out her fiancé was in league with the aliens, and watched her fiancé be killed by aliens. Needless to say, she turned down the opportunity of space travel, but soon regretted it and hunted down the Doctor again.

Facing Sontarans, Giant Wasps and the shady Vashta Nerada, Donna's last stand came up against the Davros and the Daleks. When Donna touched the Doctor's severed hand, she formed a Time Lord-Human Metacrisis. However, her human brain couldn't handle this for long, so the Doctor had to wipe all trace of himself from Donna's memories, and if she remembered, her mind would burn up. This left the Doctor, Donna and her family distraught.

2. Rose Tyler

Rose was the first companion of the new series and the Doctor's first companion after the end of the Time War, in which he lost his home planet. Rose stuck by him when he regenerated into his tenth body and they even had a hint of romantic tension. Rose was willing to sacrifice her family to stay with the Doctor, but it didn't happen that way...

Rose elected to stay in her world with the Doctor while her family travelled to a parallel world to be safe from being pulled into the Void. Covered in Void Stuff and being pulled in to the Void, Rose did her best to hold on, but when the lever slipped, she reached out to fix it. This resulted in her being pulled towards the Void, but her father used a dimension jump to save her and take her to the parallel world just in time, leaving her trapped with no way of seeing the Doctor ever again. Well, not quite ever...

1. Amy Pond & Rory Williams

Amy and Rory spent a long time travelling with the Eleventh Doctor and experienced many things with him, such as marriage, the birth of their child, the breakdown of their marriage, their reunification and their eventual fate. They battled Daleks, Cybermen, the Silence, and Silurians, but a last stand against the Weeping Angels led to the end of the Ponds' journey through time and space.

Travelling to present day New York, Rory is touched by an angel, causing Amy and the Doctor to pursue in the TARDIS, meeting River along the way. Reunited with Rory, Amy, River and the Doctor change the course of time several times, before returning to present day New York in a graveyard, where Rory noticed a gravestone with his name on. Intrigued, he stops to look and is touched by another angel. Unable to return to get him, Amy sacrifices travelling with the Doctor in favour of being touched by the angel to be with Rory.

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Doctor Who DVD Files - Part Two: Issues 1-7


Hello readers! In this edition of the Doctor Who DVD Files series, I will be telling you about the first seven issues of the part-work magazine. These issues were released every two weeks and featured two episodes each, meaning they covered the entire first series and the first Christmas special.

Issue 1 (14/01/2009)


Rose - Rose Tyler and the Doctor meet and immediately have to stop an Auton invasion.

The End of the World - Rose's first trip into space and time takes them to Platform One, where danger lurks in plain sight.

The Magazine

Here is a list of the pages featured in the magazine of this issue. Listed is the section it belongs to, the page title, a quick description of the page and its sorting code.

  • The Doctor - Who is the Doctor? - Meet all ten incarnations of the greatest hero in the cosmos (Part 1)
  • Enemies - Davros - The Doctor thought his old foe was dead, but he was wrong (DV1)
  • Technology - Cybus Upgrade - Check out the gruesome secrets of John Lumic's Cybermen (CY1)
  • Allies - Mickey Smith - Find out how Rose's boyfriend became a defender of the Earth (MS1)
  • Flashback - First Contact - Relive the Doctor's very first encounter with the Daleks (DR1-1)
  • Behind the Scenes - Monster Makers - Will Cohen from The Mill talks about makign weird creatures (Part 1)
  • Episode Guide - Rose - Rose Tyler's life is changer forever when she meets the Doctor (EP 1.1)
  • Episode Guide - The End of the World - The Doctor takes Rose to the day the Earth dies (EP 1.2)
  • Technology - The TARDIS - It looks like a police box but can travel anywhere in time and space (TD1)

Issue 2 (28/01/2009)


The Unquiet Dead - The Doctor and Rose team up with Charles Dickens to fight off the Gelth

Aliens of London - A spaceship crashes in Central London. However, it becomes clear aliens have been here longer.

The Magazine

Here is a list of the pages featured in the magazine of this issue. Listed is the section it belongs to, the page title, a quick description of the page and its sorting code.

  • Episode Guide - The Unquiet Dead - The Doctor and Rose meet Charles Dickens and some very nasty ghosts (EP 1.3)
  • Allies - The Face of Boe - One of the strangest (and oldest) aliens that the Doctor has ever met (FB1)
  • The Doctor - The Early Years - Uncover the secret history of the Doctor's childhood on Gallifrey (Part 2)
  • Allies - Rose Tyler - She's a shop assistant who gets to travel through time and space (RT1)
  • Episode Guide - Aliens of London - Rose returns home, just in time to see a spaceship crash into Big Ben (Ep 1.4)
  • Enemies - Zygons - The shape-changing aliens wanted to make Earth their new home (ZG1)
  • Behind the Scenes - Model Behavior - Model maker Mike Tucker on his amazing creations (Part 2)
  • Technology - Slitheen Ship - Everyone thought aliens were invading when it crashed into Big Ben (SL1)
  • Enemies - The Master - The history of the Doctor's arch nemesis and fellow Time Lord (MS1)


With this issue was a free binder which allows you to store the magazine inside.

Issue 3 (11/02/2009)


World War Three - The Doctor and Rose need to prevent nuclear war, while trapped inside Downing Street.

Dalek - The Doctor is faced with a blast from the past and Rose is in mortal danger.

The Magazine

Here is a list of the pages featured in the magazine of this issue. Listed is the section it belongs to, the page title, a quick description of the page and its sorting code.

  • Episode Guide - World War Three - The Doctor and Rose race to save Earth from the stinky Slitheen (EP 1.5)
  • Allies - K-9 - Find out more about the Doctor's faithful robotic hound (K91)
  • The Doctor - The Journey Begins - Join the Doctor on his early travels in the TARDIS (Part 3)
  • Episode Guide - Dalek - Share the horror of the Doctor meeting his most feared enemy (Ep 1.6)
  • Flashback - Sky-High Terror - Watch as the giant robot has Sarah Jane in his grip (DR4-1)
  • Enemies - Slitheen - Take a closer look at the Doctor's mean, green foes (SL1)
  • Behind the Scenes - Dalek Sec Speaks - Nicholas Pegg reveals all about what it's like inside a Dalek (Part 3)
  • Technology - Sonic Devices - Examine the inner workings of a squareness fun and more (SC1)
  • The Doctor - The Ninth Doctor - Experience the highs and lows of the Doctor with a northern accent (Doc 9)


This issue contained free dividing cards which allowed the different sections of the magazine to be separated.

Issue 4 (25/02/2009)


The Long Game - The Doctor, Rose and Adam land on Satellite Five where humanity is threatened in more than one way.

Father's Day - Rose learns what happens when history is changed when she saves her dad's life.

The Magazine

Here is a list of the pages featured in the magazine of this issue. Listed is the section it belongs to, the page title, a quick description of the page and its sorting code.

  • Episode Guide - The Long Game - The Doctor and Rose get bad news when they visit Satellite Five (EP 1.7)
  • Enemies - Special Weapons Dalek - Discover the fearsome secrets of the toughest Daleks ever (DL4)
  • Allies - Donna Noble - Meet the Tenth Doctor's most unlikely companion (DN1)
  • The Doctor - Aliens and Emperors - The First Doctor's travels in space and time continue (Part 4)
  • Episode Guide - Father's Day - Rose must face the Reapers when she meddles with time (EP 1.8)
  • Allies - Pete Tyler - Find out how Rose met her father - both of him (PT1)
  • Behind the Scenes - Writer's Block - Paul Cornell reveals how he wrote Father's Day and more (Part 4)
  • Episode Guide - The Five Doctors - Can the first five Doctors solve the mystery of the Dark Tower? (DOC5 TVM)
  • Technology - The TARDIS Console - Your guide to the controls of the Doctor's amazing ship (TD2)


This issue came with a free DVD containing the 20th Anniversary special, The Five Doctors.

Issue 5 (11/03/2009)


The Empty Child - Landing in the Blitz, the Doctor and Rose meet anew friend and a faced with gas-masked zombies

The Doctor Dances - The Doctor, Rose and Jack race against time to save the world from the Empty Child.

The Magazine

Here is a list of the pages featured in the magazine of this issue. Listed is the section it belongs to, the page title, a quick description of the page and its sorting code.

  • Episode Guide - The Empty Child - A strange plague is spreading through the touch of a little boy (EP 1.9)
  • Enemies - Possessed Ood - Find out what caused the gentle servants to become killers (OO1)
  • The Doctor - New Friends, Old Enemies - The First Doctor has a brand new crew and faces familiar foes (Part 5)
  • Episode Guide - The Doctor Dances - Can the Doctor find the Empty Child's mummy before it's too late? (EP 1.10)
  • Allies - Jabe - How this walking, talking tree helped save Platform One (JB1)
  • The Doctor - The Eighth Doctor - Meet the most mysterious incarnation of the Doctor ever (Doc 8)
  • Flashback - The Army Awakes - A classic moment, the Second Doctor faces a Cyberman army (DR2-3)
  • Technology - Chula Ship - Your guide to Captain Jack Harkness' amazing time ship (CS1)
  • Behind the Scenes - Back to the Drawing Board - Concept artist Peter McKinstry on the look of Doctor Who (Part 5)

Issue 6 (25/03/2009)


Boom Town - Refuelling in Cardiff, the Doctor and Rose come face to face with an old enemy.

Bad Wolf - The TARDIS crew face life and death on the Game Station. However, there's more danger lurking in the wings.

The Magazine

Here is a list of the pages featured in the magazine of this issue. Listed is the section it belongs to, the page title, a quick description of the page and its sorting code.

  • Episode Guide - Boom Town - A pit-stop to refuel the TARDIS leads to dinner with a monster (EP 1.11)
  • Allies - Captain Jack - Meet the intergalactic rogue who changed his ways (CJ1)
  • The Doctor - From Monoids to Mondas - The First Doctor's adventures in time and space come to an end (Part 6)
  • Enemies - Sutekh - The last of the Osirans proved to be a deadly adversary (SK1)
  • Episode Guide - Bad Wolf - The Doctor returns to Satellite Five to find things have changed (EP 1.12)
  • Allies - Martha Jones - Check out how this trainee Doctor saved the world (MJ1)
  • Behind the Scenes - Man or Monster? - monster man Paul Kasey suits up as a big, green alien meanie (Part 6)
  • Enemies - Dalek Emperor - Discover who resurrected the Daleks to conquer Earth (CS1)
  • Technology - Game Station Robots - We lift the face-plates of the deadly droids and delve inside (GS2)

Issue 7 (08/04/2009)


The Parting of the Ways - The Doctor has to stop the Daleks while keeping Rose alive, paying the ultimate price.

The Christmas Invasion - With the Doctor still recovering, can Rose save Christmas and Earth from the Sycorax?

The Magazine

Here is a list of the pages featured in the magazine of this issue. Listed is the section it belongs to, the page title, a quick description of the page and its sorting code.

  • Episode Guide - The Parting of the Ways - The Doctor has a choice: let the Daleks win or destroy humanity (EP 1.13)
  • Enemies - Origins of the Daleks - How a horrific war led to the creation of these heartless mutants (DL2)
  • The Doctor - New Face, Same Doctor? - There's a new arrival in the TARDIS. Apparently, it's the Doctor (Part 7)
  • Enemies - Krillitanes - Meet the shape-changers who wanted to control the universe (KL1)
  • Allies - Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart - Learn all about the former head of the UK branch of UNIT (BG1)
  • Behind the Scenes - Dressing the Doctor - Who decides what the Doctor will wear? Find out here (Part 7)
  • Flashback - Mara in the Mirror - A classic moment, the Doctor faces the ultimate evil (DR5-2)
  • Episode Guide - The Christmas Invasion - Can the new Doctor save everyone from the alien Sycorax? (EP 2.X)
  • Technology - Game Station - Your in-depth guide to the satellite controlled by the Daleks (GS1)

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Death Count - An Introduction

Hello readers! Here's the first Death Count post! I thought that I would start with a quick description of how this would work. So, here goes!

About the story

This section will include facts about the story to give you, the reader, an idea of the context of which it is set. For example, I will include which Doctor the story has and the companion(s) he is travelling with. Furthermore, I will also include a quick synopsis about the plot of the story, as well as information about when it aired and the number of episodes in the story.

The Death Count

This section will include:

Death Toll

The total number of deaths in the story.

Deaths I will be counting:
  • Dalek/Cybermen/Andriod deaths
  • Deaths in which the deceased comes back to life (they still died)
  • Deaths we don't see but are allured to, ONLY if the character has been seen alive on-screen
Deaths I will not be counting:
  • Spaceship explosions E.g. Dalek crucible explosion in Journey's End
  • Regenerations
I may add more conditions if I come across a situation which I have not mentioned above.

If there was an instance in which any number of deaths were not included due to the conditions stated above, I will write a note concerning that in the post.

Death Rating

A number that will be calculated using the number of deaths and the total run time of the story. The calculation:
(deaths/total runtime)*100

I will make a page on my blog to create a table where I will store and rank each story, using the death rating as the ranking criteria.

Death Descriptions

Here, I will describe each death. I will include the time at which the death occurred, the character that died, and the cause of their death.

The Table Page

On a separate page to the blog posts, I will have a table to compile all the data for easy comparison. The table will include data such as the story, the death toll and air-dates, and will be ranked upon the death rating (to two decimal places).

On that page may also be some superlatives, such as the "deadliest story" or the "fastest death" or the "deadliest single episode". I may think of more as I come across them.

There table page can be found here: Death Count Table

See You Soon!

I hope you like the sound of this idea! This series will be back soon with it's first proper post, so keep your eyes peeled! If you can think of a way for me to improve this series, please let me know!

Thank you for reading! Drop a comment with your thoughts or suggestions! They will be greatly appreciated!

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Character Profile - Rose Tyler: Fact File

Fact File

NameRose Tyler
Place of OriginLondon, Early 21st
Associated DoctorsWar Doctor
Ninth Doctor
Tenth Doctor
RelationshipsJackie Tyler (Mother)
Pete Tyler (Father)
Mickey Smith
Tony Tyler (Brother)
First AppearanceRose
Portrayed ByBillie Piper


(NC) denotes a Non-Companion appearance

The End of the World
The Unquiet Dead
Aliens of London/World War Three
The Long Game
Father's Day
The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances
Boom Town
Bad Wolf/The Parting of the Ways
The Christmas Invasion
New Earth
Tooth and Claw
School Reunion
The Girl in the Fireplace
Rise of the Cybermen/Age of Steel
The Idiot's Lantern
The Impossible Planet/The Satan Pit
Love and Monsters
Fear Her
Army of Ghosts/Doomsday
Turn Left
The Stolen Earth/Journey's End
The End of Time (NC)
The Day of the Doctor (NC)

Cameo Appearances

Partners in Crime (NC)
The Poison Sky (NC)
Midnight (NC)
Rose in Series 1
Rose in Series 2
Rose in Series 4


Rose joins the Doctor after he saves her during an Auton invasion. They travel together while she keeps him company after the outcome of the Time War. Meeting Daleks, Slitheen and her own dead father, Rose and the Doctor meet and travel with Adam Mitchell and Captian Jack Harkness for short periods of time, before Rose absorbs the energy of the time vortex to save the universe from Daleks. The Doctor takes this lethal dose of energy from her, causing him to regenerate.

Rose and the Doctor (with a new face) continue travelling, joined briefly by Mickey Smith after an encounter with the Krillitanes and a blast from the Doctor's past, meeting Sarah Jane Smith. They faced Cybermen, Ood, and a creature whom the Doctor named an Abzorbaloff. However, when Rose visited home one day, ghosts were appearing worldwide. This led the way for the Cybermen to invade, but they had the Daleks to contend with. A large battle ensued, which resulted in Rose being trapped on the wrong side of the Void separating this world and one parallel to it.

However, Rose returned when the whole of creation was under threat from Davros and his reality bomb. Blasting through from her world to this one, Rose arrived just in time to help the Doctor and the rest of his companions of recent times to destroy Davros's plans. After this, the Doctor took Rose back to her parallel world and sealed it off for good.

However, that wasn't the last we saw of Rose. Before regenerating, the Doctor visited Rose at a different point on her timeline: a few months before she met the Doctor. Furthermore, in the 50th Anniversary Special, the Moment took on the form of Rose when it was addressing the War Doctor. However, as the War Doctor was on a point in the Doctor's timeline where he hadn't met Rose yet, he didn't know who she was.


Rose stands up to the Doctor
When Rose first joined the Doctor, she was still a teenager. She was stubborn, feisty and always stood up to the Doctor if he wanted to do something she disagreed with. At first, she seemed pretty overwhelmed by the whole concept of time travel, however by The Long Game she is shown to be more comfortable with it when she is talking with Adam.

Rose will stop at nothing to help the Doctor, even when he does his best to stop her. For example, in The Parting of the Ways Rose absorbs the energy of the time vortex just to return to the Doctor. Also, in different circumstances, Rose drags her family all the way to Norway just to get a last chance to say goodbye to the Doctor in Doomsday.

Rose carries out her plan
Rose was also seen to mature over her time with the Doctor: she went from relying on the Doctor for a plan to leading in his absence. This can be seen in The Satan Pit and Fear Her when the Doctor is unable to save the day.

However, when Rose returns from the parallel world, she is shown to have changed dramatically. Rose is now seen to be carrying a large weapon, something she would not have done in the past.

Rose is also portrayed as a forgiving person towards Lady Cassandra in New Earth and the Dalek in Dalek. She's also willing to apologise and admit her mistakes, such as those in Father's Day.

Rose bickers with Sarah Jane
She is also shown to be jealous at various times, such as when Mickey is talking about his new girlfriend in Boom Town and when she finds out Sarah Jane used to travel with the Doctor in School Reunion.

She is also shown to have a romantic interest in the Doctor. It was hinted at during Series 1, but more proclaimed during Series 2. Rose seemed betrayed when she found out the Doctor had travelled with other woman before, and was worried that she'd be left behind one day. There was also some romantic tension in The Impossible Planet when the Doctor and Rose have lost the TARDIS and discussing how they'd have to settle on Earth.

Coming Soon...

Read more detail about Rose's travels in the TARDIS in upcoming posts! Keep your eyes peeled for those!

Thank you for reading! Drop a comment with your thoughts or suggestions! They will be greatly appreciated!

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Doctor Who DVD Files - Part One: An Introduction

Hello readers! In my first post, I have decided to start with writing about the part-work magazine that I collect, as this has been the main base of the development of my interest in Doctor Who. I plan to make a series of blog posts about this topic, so keep an eye out for the rest of the series.


Doctor Who DVD Files is a part-work magazine which contains a build-up encyclopaedia and a DVD collection. The first issue was released on the 14th January 2009, with new issues being released every two weeks. Each issues contains a DVD and a 10 page magazine, including the cover page.

The Magazine

The magazine is a pull apart magazine. Originally, there were 7 sections in the magazine, with two more added after Issue 51. In Issue 2, there was a free binder and in Issue 3, there were dividing pages. This means you can pull apart the magazine and file each page in its corresponding section. This builds up into the encyclopaedia.

Here are the magazine sections:
  • Allies - containing information about the many friendly people the Doctor has met on his travels
  • Enemies - containing information about the many foes the Doctor has encountered
  • Episode Guide - contains information on the episodes featured on the DVD in that issue
  • Technology - looks at the many gadgets and gizmos, as well as spaceships and vehicles, that have featured on the programme
  • The Doctor - contains information about the Doctor's travels, and later about the production of Doctor Who
  • Behind the Scenes - features interviews with the production crew of Doctor Who past and present
  • Flashback - looks back to notable adventures of the Doctor
In Issue 51, these sections were added:
  • Who On Earth - information about the Doctor's visits to Earth from its formation until its destruction
  • Alien Worlds - contains information of the dangers, cultures, and important figures of planets from the show

The DVDs

Up to Issue 28, the DVDs covered the up until the end of Series 4. In these issues, two episodes were featured on each disc. From here, they began to release classic serials, starting with Remembrance of the Daleks. Issues 55 and 56 contained the 10th Doctor's final four episodes, then issues 74 to 80 contained Series 5. Other than this, all other issues have contained one classic serial each. With Issue 4 came the 20th Anniversary Special, The Five Doctors, as a free bonus DVD.

The spine of the DVDs can be put together to form an image. This is reversible: one side forms a montage of enemies and the other forms a spacey back ground with the episode names written down the spine. The latter one also contains the Doctor and his companions on the spines of the Revived Series DVDs.

I will be making a list of what each Issue contains, however, I will be breaking it down into smaller chunks, so keep an eye out for the rest of this series of blog posts to see the lists.

Next In This Series...

In the next part of this series, I will be talking about the first seven issues of Doctor Who DVD Files, which covered the first Series of revived Doctor Who.

Thank you for reading! Drop a comment with your thoughts or suggestions! They will be greatly appreciated!

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Welcome to Whovian Diary


About Me

Hello! My name is Thomas and I am a Whovian. I am 16 years of age and I live in North West England. I have been a fan of Doctor who since 2007, thought the first episode I remember watching upon broadcast was Doomsday. This has been the bane of my life as I watched Rose's exit without really knowing the circumstances, but when I came to re-watch it knowing the circumstances, her exit was already ruined for me AND I already knew of her return, which took the emotional edge off it.

I began to collect DVDs in 2009 when a part-work magazine (Doctor Who DVD Files) began to be released. Five years on, and my collection is continuing to grow, with the part-work now at 144 issues and still going. On top of the DVDs, I also own some of the New Series Adventure books, and I intend to own more once I have read the ones I do own. I also have the 50th anniversary 1000 piece jigsaw, which is framed and ready to go up on my wall. That's all in terms of merchandise.

Also, bear with me. I have a small range of knowledge about HTML coding, so don't expect anything jazzy too soon...

Plans for this Blog

I'd like to use this space to put across my opinions on all things Doctor Who. For example, favourite companions, favourite doctors, favourite episodes... I might want to share my thoughts on some theories that I had/have about particular story-lines, or opinions upon some popular theories.

I'd also like to write a series of blog posts about the part-work magazine I collect. Another idea I've had is counting all the deaths in all the stories I own and putting it into a blog series. I saw a similar thing on another blog years ago and I've been wanting to do it ever since.

I'm hoping that I'll be able to post regularly. If anything, this blog is for myself, other than for the enjoyment of others. But if people enjoy it, it would be even better!

Thank you for reading! Drop a comment with your thoughts or suggestions! They will be greatly appreciated!