Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Death Count - An Introduction

Hello readers! Here's the first Death Count post! I thought that I would start with a quick description of how this would work. So, here goes!

About the story

This section will include facts about the story to give you, the reader, an idea of the context of which it is set. For example, I will include which Doctor the story has and the companion(s) he is travelling with. Furthermore, I will also include a quick synopsis about the plot of the story, as well as information about when it aired and the number of episodes in the story.

The Death Count

This section will include:

Death Toll

The total number of deaths in the story.

Deaths I will be counting:
  • Dalek/Cybermen/Andriod deaths
  • Deaths in which the deceased comes back to life (they still died)
  • Deaths we don't see but are allured to, ONLY if the character has been seen alive on-screen
Deaths I will not be counting:
  • Spaceship explosions E.g. Dalek crucible explosion in Journey's End
  • Regenerations
I may add more conditions if I come across a situation which I have not mentioned above.

If there was an instance in which any number of deaths were not included due to the conditions stated above, I will write a note concerning that in the post.

Death Rating

A number that will be calculated using the number of deaths and the total run time of the story. The calculation:
(deaths/total runtime)*100

I will make a page on my blog to create a table where I will store and rank each story, using the death rating as the ranking criteria.

Death Descriptions

Here, I will describe each death. I will include the time at which the death occurred, the character that died, and the cause of their death.

The Table Page

On a separate page to the blog posts, I will have a table to compile all the data for easy comparison. The table will include data such as the story, the death toll and air-dates, and will be ranked upon the death rating (to two decimal places).

On that page may also be some superlatives, such as the "deadliest story" or the "fastest death" or the "deadliest single episode". I may think of more as I come across them.

There table page can be found here: Death Count Table

See You Soon!

I hope you like the sound of this idea! This series will be back soon with it's first proper post, so keep your eyes peeled! If you can think of a way for me to improve this series, please let me know!

Thank you for reading! Drop a comment with your thoughts or suggestions! They will be greatly appreciated!

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