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Character Profile - Adam Mitchell

Fact File

NameAdam Mitchell
Place of OriginEngland, Early 21st
Associated DoctorsNinth Doctor
RelationshipsUnnamed Mother
First AppearanceDalek
Portrayed ByBruno Langley


(NC) denotes a Non-Companion appearance

The Long Game

Adam working for Van Statten
Adam returns home with his infospike


A genius who hacked into American Defence computers aged eight, Adam worked in Henry Van Statten's underground base in Utah, where he catalogued many alien artefacts. When he took Rose to see Van Statten's 'Metaltron' (a heavily damaged Dalek), she inadvertently helped to restore it to full strength. Upon this happening, the Dalek went on a killing spree, and Adam and Rose had to race against time to escape the lower levels in order for the Doctor to be able to trap the Dalek underground.

Adam overwhelmed by
Satellite Five
Once the ordeal was over, the base was set to be filled with concrete, so Adam followed Rose and the Doctor into the TARDIS. From there, the Doctor took Adam to Satellite Five, a space-station for broadcasting the news to Earth, in the year 200,000. Adam was initially overwhelmed by the technological advances, but then he became greedy.

Adam accessing the
future information
Adam had an infospike installed in his brain which allowed him to store lots of information. Then, he used Rose's upgraded phone to call home and share the information with the human race in the past, potentially changing the course of human history. The Doctor learned of Adam's deceit and took him straight home, destroying the phone containing the data from the future, and left him there.


Adam was very clever and confident, arguably egotistical. In Dalek when talking about his intelligence, he claims to have nearly started World War Three when only 8 years old after hacking into the US Defence Systems. This may have been a slight exaggeration on his part to impress Rose, whom he harboured some affection for.

As mentioned above, Adam and Rose make a connection. This is shown by him attempting to impress her by showing off his high level of intelligence. Rose almost mirrors this in The Long Game when she tells Adam where and when they have landed.

Adam is also shown to be hungry for knowledge, and use that knowledge to gain power. This eventually leads to his downfall when the Doctor discovers that Adam attempted to share future technology with humans from the past.

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