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New Episode Reaction - Sleep No More *SPOILERS*

About this Story

TitleSleep No More
Series No.
Episode No.
Series Nine
Episode Nine
Broadcast Dates14th Nov 2015
Overnight Ratings (UK)4.00 Million
DoctorTwelfth Doctor
CompanionClara Oswald

A rescue team is sent to Rassmussen,
but can he be trusted?

The Reaction


  • Atmospheric - The setting, lighting and camera work set up a suitably sinister atmosphere which complemented the tone and style of the episode brilliantly.
  • Psychological Games - This episode 'did a Blink' by taking a normal element of life and making it scary. The design of these monsters were creepy and their distant groaning kept the up tension throughout the episode.
  • Capaldi - Peter seems to act better when the Doctor isn't fully aware of the facts, and revels at the chance to solve a mystery. This episode is a good example of this

The Sandmen are lurking
in the shadows

Low Points

  • Guest Characters - The selection of guest characters in this episode didn't recieve much attention to detail. They were initially presented well within the opening sequence, but they didn't develop too far from there, leaving them feeling rather one-dimensional.
  • Motive - Rassmussen's plans weren't entirely explained and revealed, and even seem to not have been prevented. In this series of two-parters, this is one that could have been helped by the extra 45 mins. However, Gatiss has revealed plans for a sequel, so if we get that, this episode might become clearer.
  • The Grunt - A character that was set up to have real potential at the start, with all the other characters showing some prejudice towards her. Bethany Black was wasted in this role, alongside the possible subplot of the Grunt overcoming the prejudice.
  • Sandmen - Not a great fan of the name of these monsters....

Quote of the Week

Doctor: "Clara, hold my hand."
Clara: "I'm alright."
Doctor: "I'm not."

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