Sunday, November 1, 2015

New Episode Reaction - The Zygon Invasion *SPOILERS*

About this Story

TitleThe Zygon Invasion
Series No.
Episode No.
Series Nine
Episode Seven
Broadcast Dates31st Oct 2015
Overnight Ratings (UK)3.87 Million
DoctorTwelfth Doctor
CompanionClara Oswald

The Doctor is reunited with Osgood to fight the
Zygons, but which version of Osgood is she?

The Reaction


  • Pacing - The pace of the episode was brilliantly designed to build tension, without the feeling that the story wasn't developing, a balance that can sometimes be tricky to get right.
  • Political Parallels - The edgy theme of the Zygon insurrection runs parallel to the current situation in the Middle East. Although rather unsubtle, it was done effectively and gave the story a brilliant driving force, similar to the Nazi themes in Genesis of the Daleks.
  • Perfect Perils - High stakes all round in this adventure, with many unexpected (but some rather obvious) twists in the tale. The unmasking of Clara was excellently acted by Jaye Jacobs as Jac (I really really hope she survives), and the downfall of Kate was shocking(ly obvious).
  • Tumbleweed - Seeing the human remains after the Zygon killings left me questioning whether the tumbleweed we see as Kate arrives in Truth or Consequences was actually tumbleweed or not. An episode as thought-provoking as that is very good.
  • Osgood - The minor details peppered throughout this episode only seem to scratch the surface of what's to come. Moffat better deliver on this one, and Ingrid Oliver can stay as long as she likes as far as I'm concerned.
  • The Cliffhanger - Best cliffhanger of the series so far, hands down.

Will the Doctor discover
the Zygon's plans?

Low Points

  • Lame UNIT Soldiers - Where do they get these idiots from? Seriously....

Quote of the Week

Doctor: "This is your country. Protect it from the scary monsters. And also from the Zygons."

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