Sunday, September 14, 2014

New Episode Reaction - Listen *SPOILERS*

Hello readers. Today I will be continuing this series of posts by giving my very brief initial thoughts on Listen. Enjoy!

About this Story

No. of Episodes1
Series No.
Episode No.
Series 8
Episode 4
Broadcast Dates13th Sept 2014
Overnight Ratings (UK)4.81 million
DoctorTwelfth Doctor
CompanionClara Oswald

The Reaction

I have had 24 hours to mull over what I thought of this episode now, and I still have not formed any conclusive thoughts. This episode has had me torn over whether it was an absolute masterpiece or a complete disaster.

Right now, I'd like to call it the best incoherent mess since my bedroom floor on Friday night. I literally cannot think of anything else to say.

This story has addled my brain beyond belief and it took me well over 12 hours to think of anything remotely logical to do. This thing must be bloody off the scale... Whether it is above the scale or below the scale remains to be seen....

Proper review coming up soon when I can formulate a proper one without mess.

Thank you for reading! Drop a comment with your thoughts or suggestions! They will be greatly appreciated!

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