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Top Five - Title Sequences

Hello readers! Welcome back to this section of the blog where I pick an aspect of the show and give my opinions on it. In this edition, I will be ranking my five favourite variations of the title sequences: audio and visual combined. So, let's get started:

5. Debuted on 30th August, 1980 (The Leisure Hive, Part One)

A new decade brought about several changes to Doctor Who, with a new title sequence being one of them. Both the audio and visual sides were completely revamped, giving the show a new look.

Visually, I like this title sequence because the background looks like what we would perceive space to look like, rather than the funky coloured time vortex sequences of the 70s. This means the viewer can relate to the Doctor's space travel, as they recognise that this is how space looks.

Musically, this sequence is a lot more futuristic compared to it's predecessors. It's also a breath of fresh air as the preceding titles had been in use for a very long time, with this change making it feel like the show was going somewhere. Also, I'm just glad they got rid of those horrific foghorn-like noises at the end of the 70s' music.

4. Debuted on 7th September, 1987 (Time and the Rani, Part One)

A new Doctor brought another change to the title sequence, along with a new logo. This new title sequence was the first to be made solely by computer animation.

This title sequence also had a space theme. It depicted a galaxy with some meteors falling towards it, followed by the TARDIS flying towards that galaxy. The Doctor's face then appears, and winks, before more meteors and letter fly across the screen with the letters forming the logo. I like this title sequence as the computer animation makes it look more realistic, and you can actually see the TARDIS flying through space.

The main reason I like this version of the title music is because of how similar the middle eight is to the new series music. I like it in the new series, so going back and hearing it in classic who is a good thing. As this was the last title sequence of the classic show, I think it also links very well into the revived show.

3. Debuted on 26th March, 2005 (Rose)

The return of Doctor Who in 2005 meant the show was completely remade. This was the first title sequence of the new series, featuring brand new music, visuals and a new logo.

The title sequence returned to the time vortex format, which worked brilliantly in this new series. We follow the TARDIS through the vortex, until we reach a point then it turns around, this time the vortex changes colour. This symbolises when the TARDIS is travelling forwards and backwards in time, an effect which is also used in the show, giving the title sequence a strong link to the show.

The music of this sequence sounds very much like the original music, yet more futuristic, highlighting the advancement of the show from when it first appeared on out screens.

2. Debuted on 25th December, 2012 (The Snowmen)

Correct me if I am wrong, but I think this is the title sequence that has been used in the fewest episodes, appearing in only ten episodes. Regardless, I still enjoyed watching it!

Visually, a lot is going on. We are following the TARDIS through space as it flies around galaxies, but we are then separated from it by explosions. Continuing trough space, the credits and logo appear, followed by the Doctor's face. We then enter the time vortex where the episode title is given and we rejoin the TARDIS to finish the sequence. I love this as it has both space and the time vortex, as well as a return to the classic tradition of featuring the Doctor's face.

Although this music is not my favourite, I do believe that it works very well with these titles.

1. Debuted on 25th December, 2007 (Voyage of the Damned)

Here we have it, my favourite title sequences combining music and visuals.

With regards to visuals, they are very much unchanged from the titles in third position on this countdown, so I will refer you up to there and not just repeat myself...

This title music is an improvement upon the previous version, in my opinion, because it has a more orchestral feel to it. It makes it more real and every time I listen I get goosebumps. And it's in Donna's series, and Donna is epic.

Thank you for reading! Drop a comment with your thoughts or suggestions! They will be greatly appreciated!

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