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Character Profile - Rose Tyler: Travels with Ten

Regeneration Recovery

Rose becomes Earth's champion in
the Doctor's absence
After the Doctor regenerated at the end of The Parting of the Ways, the TARDIS crash-landed on the Powell Estate just in time for Christmas. However, the Doctor was in a coma following the traumatic changes to his body, meaning that when the Sycorax arrived, Rose had to team up with Harriet Jones and UNIT to take down the threat. With time running out, the Doctor miraculously recovers just in time to stop the Sycorax attacking the planet with their blood control.

Travelling with the new Doctor, Rose arrived on New Earth, where a trip to New New York Hospital led to an encounter with a familiar threat. Rose's body was taken over by Cassandra, the self-titled "Last Human". However, with the Sisters of Plenitude holding deadly secrets of their own, it's not long before the possessed Rose to join forces with the Doctor and stop a deadly plague spreading across New Earth.

Rose witnesses the Werewolf's
Next, Rose travels to the Scottish Highlands, where she encounters Queen Victoria and a werewolf. Locked in the cellars of Torchwood House, Rose witnesses the wolf transforming in the moonlight before it is set loose to kill the Queen. Rose and the Doctor try to protect her, but their success depends upon some mistletoe and a very precious diamond.

Old Friends, Old Enemies

Rose get's along well with the Doctor's
old friend, Sarah Jane Smith
Posing as a dinner-lady and a physics teacher, Rose and the Doctor investigate a school that is a bit suspicious. However, they get more than they bargained for when the Krillitanes are found to have infiltrated the school and plan to use the children to turn themselves into gods. Also, Rose gets a shock to learn that she isn't the only woman in the Doctor's life, when Sarah Jane Smith is also found to be investigating the school.

With her ex-boyfriend Mickey Smith now also on board the TARDIS, Rose is feeling a little uncomfortable. But when they land aboard a 51st Century spaceship which is linked to 18th Century France, Rose is forced to work with Mickey to solve the mystery of the Clockwork robots and Madame de Pompadour.

Rose and Pete infiltrate Cybus Industries
Trapped in a parallel universe, Rose discovers that her father is still alive and cannot resist paying him a visit. However, the visit becomes costly when she encounters the Cybermen. When the parallel version of her mother is converted into a Cyberman, she works with Pete to infiltrate Cybus Industries and take them down. Rose is left upset when Mickey decides to stay in the parallel universe after the parallel version of himself is killed.

Welcome to Hell

A trip to London in the 1950 proves costly for Rose when she is attacked by the ravenous Wire, leaving her face featureless and her likeness screaming out of a TV screen in Mr Magpie's store. However, she is soon saved by the Doctor, who stops the Wire before millions of other people are also transformed.

Rose is terrorised by the Beast, which
is possessing Toby
Landing on an impossible planet, Rose is almost immediately in danger when the planet's surface collapses and the TARDIS is lost. Stranded, an evil force awakens and begins to terrorise the humans on the planet's surface. With the Ood turned into deadly weapons and the Beast attempting to escape his chains, Rose is in a race against time to leave the planet, but has to leave the Doctor behind...

Back on Earth, Rose and the Doctor deal with an alien pest in London, unaware that they're being tracked by LINDA and the deadly Abzorbaloff. With the members of LINDA disappearing one by one and the net closing in around the Doctor, Rose is also left in grave danger.

The Final Battle

Rose digs up a street to save the world
Rose is taken to see the London 2012 Olympics, but before they can see them, the Doctor mysteriously vanishes while investigating cases of missing children. Rose is forced to take on the mystery herself and rescue the Doctor, as well as prevent the world vanishing due to the power of the Isolus.

Returning home, Rose and the Doctor are shocked to discover the presence of ghosts. In their attempts to get to the bottom of the mystery, the Doctor and Rose end up at the Torchwood Tower, where they discover the ghosts are coming from the Void. But, they get more than they bargained for when the ghosts turn out to be an army of Cybermen and the Cult of Skaro, a secret Dalek group, also come through the Void.

Rose is devastated about being trapped
in the parallel universe
When the Cult of Skaro release their own army of Daleks, the two metallic races wage war upon each other, leading to a heavy loss of human life too. The only solution is to drag them all back into the Void, but at the risk of pulling themselves in due to their travels to the parallel Earth. When one of the levers controlling the hole in the universe fails, Rose attempts to fix it, however she is dragged away, being saved by her father at the last moment. This means she is trapped in the parallel Earth forever, leaving her heartbroken.

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