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Death Count - A Good Man Goes to War

Hello readers! In this edition of the of the Death Count series, I will be counting up the deaths in the Eleventh Doctor story, and the mid-season finale of Series Six, A Good Man Goes to War. Enjoy!

About this Story

TitleA Good Man Goes to War
No. of Episodes1
Series No.
Episode No.
Series 6
Episode 7
Broadcast Date4th Jun 2011
Run-Time48' 20"
DoctorEleventh Doctor
CompanionAmy Pond
Rory Williams
Rory, Vastra, Jenny and Strax prepare to defend Amy
and Melody from the advancing Headless Monks


The Doctor and Rory are on a quest to find Amy and her newborn daughter, Melody, who have been kidnapped by the cunning Madame Kovarian. Discovering her location on Demon's Run, the Doctor's small army overpower the clerics who are running the base and take control. However, when the Headless Monks attack the victory celebrations, they realise they've walked right into a trap. Will Amy and Rory live to ever see their baby again?

The Death Count

CharacterTime of DeathDescription
The Fat One7' 39"Beheaded by the Headless Monks
Headless Monk20' 15"Shot by the Thin One
Unnamed Cleric20' 24"Killed by Headless Monk
Unnamed Cleric20' 29"Killed by Headless Monk
Headless Monk38' 31"Shot by Rory
Headless Monk38' 36"Killed by Vastra with a sword
Headless Monk38' 38"Shot by Strax
Headless Monk38' 44"Killed by Jenny with a sword
Headless Monk38' 48"Killed by Rory with sword
Headless Monk38' 51"Killed by Rory with sword
Ganger Melody Pond39' 01"Dissolved into Flesh by Madame Kovarian
Strax40' 20"Died from injuries from Headless Monks
Lorna Bucket42' 04"Died from injuries after being shot by Headless Monks

  • At 3' 55" the 12th Cyber Legion fleet explodes, presumably killing all on board
  • At 36' 14" three dead Silurians are seen to have been killed by Headless Monks, however this doesn't happen on screen
  • At 37' 33" Dorium Maldovar is beheaded by the Monks, however he is shown to still be alive (albeit bodiless) in The Wedding of River Song
  • Rory searches for his wife, looking for
    answers from the 12th Cyber Legion

    Death Toll:


    Death Rating:

    26.90 (Green)

    Thank you for reading! Drop a comment with your thoughts or suggestions! They will be greatly appreciated!

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