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Death Count - The War Machines

Hello readers! In this post I will be counting up the deaths in the First Doctor story that rounded off Season Three, The War Machines. This story featured the departure of Dodo Chaplet as the companion, who was replaced by Ben and Polly.

About this Story

TitleThe War Machines
No. of Episodes4
Season No.
Serial No.
Season 3
Serial 10
Broadcast Dates25th Jun -
16th Jul 1966
Run-Time95' 27"
DoctorFirst Doctor
CompanionDodo Chaplet
Ben Jackson
A War Machine rampages through London


Landing back in London in the 1960s, the Doctor is immediately suspicious of alien activity. Visiting the brand new WOTAN machine, which can think for itself, the Doctor seems reassured. However, when suspicious deaths and disappearances occur, and Polly and Dodo are under the influence of the enemy, can the Doctor and Ben bring them back before the WOTAN's War Machines take over London?

The Death Count

Episode One

The Doctor and Dodo examine WOTAN

Death Toll:


Death Rating:

0.00 (White)

Episode Two

CharacterTime of DeathDescription
Unnamed Tramp9' 36"Killed by Brett's labourers
Unnamed Labourer19' 16"Killed by War Machine during testing
Dodo is under the influence of WOTAN

Death Toll:


Death Rating:

8.30 (White)

Episode Three

CharacterTime of DeathDescription
Unnamed Soldier17' 43"Killed by War Machine
Unnamed Soldier17' 43"Killed by War Machine
Unnamed Soldier18' 07"Killed by War Machine
Unnamed Soldier19' 30"Killed by War Machine
Major Green leads the attack of
a War Machine

Note: Large amounts of smoke during the warehouse attack meant that not all deaths were apparent, meaning I could have missed some due to them being unclear.

Death Toll:


Death Rating:

16.63 (Mint)

Episode Four

CharacterTime of DeathDescription
Unnamed Labourer5' 16"Killed by War Machine
War Machine14' 53"Deactivated by the Doctor (Later reactivated)
Professor Krimpton19' 23"Killed by War Machine (controlled by the Doctor)
WOTAN19' 35"Killed by War Machine (controlled by the Doctor)

The Doctor's War Machine turns on
Krimpton and WOTAN

Death Toll:


Death Rating:

17.22 (Mint)


Death Toll:


Death Rating:

10.48 (Mint)

Thank you for reading! Drop a comment with your thoughts or suggestions! They will be greatly appreciated!

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