Whovian Diary Reviews Contents


  • Introduction to the series

  • First Doctor

    Season One

  • An Unearthly Child

  • Season Two

    Season Three

    Season Four

    Second Doctor

    Season Four

    Season Five

    Season Six

    Third Doctor

    Season Seven

    Season Eight

    Season Nine

    Season Ten

    Season Eleven

    Fourth Doctor

    Season Twelve

    Season Thirteen

    Season Fourteen

    Season Fifteen

    Season Sixteen

    Season Seventeen

    Season Eighteen

    Fifth Doctor

    Season Nineteen

    Season Twenty

    Season Twenty-One

    Sixth Doctor

    Season Twenty-One

    Season Twenty-Two

    Season Twenty-Three

    Seventh Doctor

    Season Twenty-Four

    Season Twenty-Five

    Season Twenty-Six

    Eighth Doctor

    Ninth Doctor

    Series One

  • Rose

  • Tenth Doctor

    Series Two

    Series Three

    Series Four

    2008-2010 Specials

    Eleventh Doctor

    Series Five

    Series Six

    Series Seven

    2013 Specials

    Twelfth Doctor

    Series Eight

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