Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Whovian Diary Reviews - An Introduction

Hello readers. Today I'd like to take the time to introduce you to a new series I am going to be starting to make where I review stories. I hope you like the idea which I will be presenting below.

About the Series

Basically, this series will allow me to put across my thoughts on a particular story in an organised and more structured way that what you have seen previously. For example, New Episode Reactions, while they do offer insight into how I regard a story, they are rushed first impressions and may not accurately reflect upon my true feeling towards a story. Therefore, I will be writing this series with a clear analytical brain in as opposed to a messy impressionable brain.

In each review I will be writing about and giving scores on the following key areas:

  • Plot - The key to a great story is a great story. Does the story lead to a particular event? Does it get there to slow? Does it get there too fast? Does it ever get there at all? I'll sum that bit up in here.

  • Threat - For me, a good story has to have a decent element of threat, whether that be from the alien of the week or a twisted human being. I have to feel like the characters are actually in danger for me to think of a story as being good.

  • Acting - Another obvious one, but a good story needs good acting to make the aforementioned threat seem real. I want to be convinced: convince me!

  • Audience Engagement - Another aspect of a good story is how it makes be feel while watching it. This part of the review will be focusing on how much a story made me laugh or cry (and yes, that does happen on occasion...).

  • Each category will be given a score out of 10, which will be averaged to give an overall score. These scores will not be recorded in a table as a ranking, but a list of all the reviews will be recorded here.

    Coming Soon!

    The first review of the series will be posted on the 28th of January right here on Whovian Diary, so put it in all your diaries and have your best cup of tea ready to drink while reading!

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