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Death Count - The Fires of Pompeii

Hello readers! In this edition of the of the Death Count series, I will be counting up the deaths in the Tenth Doctor story The Fires of Pompeii. Enjoy!

About this Story

TitleThe Fires of Pompeii
No. of Episodes1
Series No.
Episode No.
Series 4
Episode 2
Broadcast Date12th Apr 2008
Run-Time48' 17"
DoctorTenth Doctor
CompanionDonna Noble
The Doctor and Donna meet a Pyrovile in the
heart of Versuvius


Aiming for Ancient Rome, the Doctor makes a slip up and lands in Pompeii, on Volcano Day. Surrounded by prophecies and soothsayers, the Doctor discovers a fiery race of aliens in the heart of the mountain where he has to make a painful choice: Pompeii or the world?

The Death Count

CharacterTime of DeathDescription
Major Domo24' 42"Burned alive by Pyrovile
Pyrovile25' 09"Doused in water by Quintus
Lucius 38' 03"Inside the volcano upon eruption

Note: An unspecified number of Pyroviles were also in the volcano upon eruption.

Note: After the eruption, the destruction of Pompeii brought around 20,000 deaths, none of which are explicitly depicted on-screen

The citizens of Pompeii attempt to flee

Death Toll:


Death Rating:

6.21 (White)

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