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Finale Friday Special - My Missy Musings

Missy, played by Michelle Gomez
Help, I have an alliteration addiction. SEE WHAT I MEAN?! Anyway, hello readers! With the two-part series finale kicking off tomorrow night (squeeeeeee!), I thought I would offer up what my theories over the past 10 weeks have been in relation to the character of Missy.

Before the Finale Trailer

Now, that finale trailer on Saturday night eradicated some theories I had, yet supported and somewhat confirmed some others that I had. So here are some of my pre-finale trailer theories:

Missy: Cyber Servant

I knew that Missy and the Cybermen were going to be involved in the series finale before the series even started. Therefore, when it showed Missy meeting up with various "deceased" people in Heaven, I concluded that perhaps Missy was plucking the people who died for the Doctor out of their time streams at the last moment, and offering them up to the Cybermen as specimens for upgrading.
Missy welcomes Gretchen to heaven
with tea in Into the Dalek

This wouldn't be the first time something like this happened. The Daleks made people appear dead in Bad Wolf/Parting of the Ways when they were in fact transported to the Dalek ships where they were transformed into a new breed of hybrid Daleks. Could the Cybermen be looking over the Daleks' shoulders and copying their plans for universal domination? Surely not...

Missy: Renegade Romana

This theory can work alongside my above theory, as my thinking is that the Cybermen need some kind of clued up Time Travel expert. When we last saw Romana, she was left behind in a different universe. So, my thinking is, that when she found a way out of there, the Time War was over and she found out the Doctor killed the rest of her species, turning her against him.

Romana with K-9
Therefore, she teamed up with the Cybermen and the above theory comes into play. Now, one might think that this was a completely random thought process, and I do admit, it is a bit of a long shot, but I do have a basis. Romana was left with her very own version of K-9, who referred to her as "Mistress". Now do you see where I'm heading with this...?

However, some press release named Missy as a new villain, inferring that her character is completely new. However, it says "new villain". On her last appearance, Romana was a companion not a villain, therefore this would make her a "new villain". As said earlier, it is a long shot, but still possible...


Missy has been named The Gatekeeper of the Nethersphere. The following is a list of Romana's final three adventures and the adventure succeeding her final one along with evidence that Missy is Romana:
  • Full Circle ---> Sphere
  • State of Decay ---> To decay into a lower standard, Nether = lower
  • Warrior's Gate ---> Gate
  • The Keeper of Traken ---> Keeper

Missy: Mrs Master

A possible play on words, as the Master has hidden his identity on several occasions, most notably Tremas (anagram of Master) in The Keeper of Traken and Reverend Magister (Latin for Master) in The Daemons. However, it is unlikely after the "new villain" press release. Unless it's a double bluff.

Missy: Clara Controller

Missy monitors Clara in Flatline
"Clara, my Clara. I have chosen well." The first person we see Missy take to heaven in the Half-Faced Man in Deep Breath. My thoughts are, Missy recruited him to construct a clockwork Clara, which she switched for the real one at some point during the series: my thoughts are at the end of Deep Breath when the Doctor left Clara in Glasgow. My reason for that thought: Missy has a Scottish accent.

As for the reasons of using Clara: to get at the secrets of Time Travel, of course! This could work with the Romana theory, as Romana doesn't have her own TARDIS, however, she does know a great deal about time travel already, possibly more than the Doctor, if her travels with him were anything to go by, which kind of reduces the need for the Doctor.

Does the Finale Trailer change anything?

In short, not really. I can't remember a single part of the trailer that discounts my theories. Here are things that support my theories though:
What will Clara do with the TARDIS key?
  • "You will never step inside your TARDIS again"
  • "You know who I am"
  • "I'm not Clara Oswald. Clara Oswald has never existed"
On second thoughts, "Clara Oswald has never existed" means that she has been a robot/invention/whatever all the time, not just since Deep Breath.

Whether my aim is as good as Robin Hood's, or whether my theories fall as flat as the Boneless, I hope you can join me in watching Dark Water with incredible anticipation tomorrow night! I cannot wait!

I have to say a sincere sorry for the ostentatious overload of abominable attempts at alliteration throughout this post. Sorry.

Thank you for reading! Drop a comment with your thoughts or suggestions! They will be greatly appreciated!

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