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Character Profile - Rose Tyler: Teenage Tearaway

Meeting The Doctor

The Doctor and Rose first met when he saved her from some attacking Autons. After separating and rejoining a few times, Rose returned the favour by saving the Doctor's life, as well as the lives of everyone on Earth, when his negotiations with the Nestene Consciousness went wrong, with her Bronze level gymnastic skills. When offered space travel, Rose declined. However, at the mention of time travel, Rose abandoned her life and ran for the stars.

Rose's first trip off Earth took her to Platform One in the far future to witness the death of Earth. However, there was a saboteur in the midst of the group of delegates from various species who were celebrating the planet's life. The heat shields were taken down which would have led to the deaths of everyone on board. The Doctor saved the day while Rose was trapped on an observation deck, after the saboteur attempted to kill her.

Rose then travelled to 1869, where the TARDIS landed in Cardiff. Here, Rose and the Doctor were met by a gaseous species named the Gelth who took an unhealthy interest in corpses. They inhabited the corpses, making the dead appear to walk. When the Gelth's plea for help turned out to be a cover story for an invasion, the Doctor and Rose teamed up with Charles Dickens and a servant girl to stop them.

One Long Holiday...

A navigational error led to Rose arriving back home a year after leaving. However, when a spaceship crashed into the Thames after hitting Big Ben, that was the least of their worries. Taken into Downing Street to aid with the investigation, the Doctor and Rose discover an alien infiltration of the British Government.

With the Slitheen having them trapped in Downing Street, the Doctor and Rose need outside help from Mickey Smith and Rose's mum (Jackie) to stop the planet being destroyed in a nuclear war. Mickey, as instructed, hacks into the army and fires a missile at Downing Street, wiping out the Slitheen, putting an end to their plans. Rose departs once again, much to Jackie's dismay after realising the danger her daughter is in.

A trip to the near future bring the Doctor face to face with his deepest fear: a Dalek. Rose gets trapped underground with one of the murderous creatures, however, as she revived it, it shows mercy towards her, using her as a way to get the Doctor let it out. Rose then witnesses a new side to the Doctor, and is left questioning who the real monster is. Once the Dalek is dealt with, Adam Mitchell, joins the TARDIS crew.

Changing History Lessons

Rose guides Adam on his first adventure in the TARDIS to Satellite Five. However, when the Doctor and Rose notice something amiss, she lets Adam go astray, leading to events that could change humanity. Meanwhile, the Doctor and Rose are taken captive on Floor 500, leaving a plucky journalist to save the day, killing the Mighty Jagrafess and The Editor. The Doctor and Rose then take Adam home due to his reckless behaviour.

Rose asks the Doctor to take her to see her father, Pete Tyler However, when she saves his life when he was meant to die, history is changed, and Reapers arrive and begin to kill people. When Rose messes up even more by touching her younger self, the Doctor is killed by a Reaper. There is only one way for him to come back: for Pete to die like he was supposed to. Therefore, Pete dies, allowing the Doctor to live.

Everybody Lives!

Chasing some space junk, Rose and the Doctor land in the middle of a Blitz. They become separated, while the Doctor is stalked by a gas-masked zombie, Rose flirts with the handsome Captain Jack Harkness, who rescued Rose from dangling off a barrage balloon. They track the Doctor down to an abandoned hospital, where they're all cornered by The Empty Child and his army of gas-masked zombies.

Escaping the hospital via teleport to Jack's ship, the Doctor, Rose and Jack learn that the space junk contained medical nanoparticles that reconstruct injured people in warzones. They were wrongly "repairing" people by turning them into the zombies. However, the Doctor cannot find a way to stop them. In the end, only a mother's love can save the day. Jack joins Rose in travelling with the Doctor.

Bad Wolf Rises, Everything Changes

Refuelling at the Rift in Cardiff, Rose and the Doctor are dismayed to learn that a Slitheen has survived. The Slitheen is planning to build a doomed nuclear power station and sell the remains of Earth for profit. Rose meets with Mickey and they discuss their relationship, before she runs back to the TARDIS abandoning him once again. The Slitheen is reverted back to an egg by the TARDIS, which they return to its home planet.

Separated from he Doctor and Jack, Rose is placed in a deadly version of The Weakest Link, a game show. Not knowing the deadliness of the game, she doesn't take it seriously at first. However, when she sees someone die in front of her, she takes it seriously. Just as she's about to be rescued by the Doctor, Rose is fired at by the Anne-Droid, seemingly killed, whereas she's actually been teleported to a Dalek spaceship...

Rose is rescued by the Doctor and Jack and taken back to the Game Station (formerly Satellite Five), with the Daleks in pursuit. The Doctor sends Rose home to keep her safe, but she returns when she breaks open the TARDIS and absorbs the power of the Time Vortex. She destroys all the Daleks and brings Jack to life. However, the immense power is killing her, so the Doctor takes it from her, causing him to regenerate...

To Be Continued...

In Rose's next character profile, find out how she adapts to the new Doctor!

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