Sunday, November 30, 2014

Quick Update - 30/11/14

Hello readers! Today, instead of a regular post, I'd like to bring to your attention some changes that have happened on this blog recently. I have made these changes and additions in the hope that I have made my blog easier to navigate and access older posts which you may want to re-read. I hope you adapt well to these changes!


You may have noticed this one already, but a few weeks ago I changed the Url of this blog. It is now known as However, due to this change a few links changed and as I use templates for most of my posts and I forgot to update the templates, I kept pasting the old url. This meant there were some broken links, such as the links to the Death Count table. However, these have now all been fixed and should be functioning as intended.

Series Designation

I have decided to designate certain series as regular or recurring series. Details of this can be found on the About This Blog page. Regular series will be posted more often than recurring series, with New Episode Reactions only being posted after new episodes are released.

Contents Pages

As you have probably seen, most of my posts belong to a particular series. Now, I have pages listing all the posts from a particular series meaning you can now access all older posts without trawling through pages of other posts. These pages can be found in the tabs just below the header image or can be accessed using the links at the bottom of all posts from each series.

Death Count Table and Contents Page

The same old Death Count table is still there along with its superlatives, but a new addition to this page is the massive list underneath it. There, as I post more Death Counts, I will add the links to the list meaning all the posts are in one place and easy to find!

Click here or on the "Death Count Table and Contents" tab beneath the header image.

Doctor Who DVD Files Contents and Issue List

On this new page, I have compiled a list of links to each part in the series, as well as providing a list of all the issues of the partwork magazine I have covered so far.

Click here or on the "DWDVDF Contents and Issue List" tab beneath the header image.

New Episode Reaction Contents Page

Find a list of all my reactions so far on this page, and keep your eyes peeled for my reaction to the Christmas episode, hopefully to be published on Boxing Day!

Click here or click on the "Reaction Contents" tab beneath the header image.

Recurring Series Contents

For a list of all the posts in the recurring series, go to this page and then follow the links to the corresponding page for each series. Also on this page, find links to those posts with don't belong to any series (like this one).

Click here or on the "Recurring Series Contents" tab beneath the header image.

About This Blog

I have made some minor edits to this page, including the series designations, as well as including a quick summary of what each series intends to do. Also, some news about upcoming and returning series!

Click here or on the "About This Blog" tab beneath the header image.

Happy Reading!

I hope you come to like these changes, and find them useful. After all, I have made them to make your lives easier. If you have any suggestions of possible improvements I could make to my blog, then I would love to read them in the comments below, and I am always open to new ideas for posts, or if it's an exceptionally good idea, I might make a series out of it! Anyway, thank you for reading, and I hope you continue coming back for more of my timey-wimey diary entries!

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