Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Death Count - Planet of the Ood

Hello readers! As I am watching The Sensorites, I have decided to post the Death Count of the which takes place on the nearby Ood-Sphere: Planet of the Ood. Enjoy!

About this Story

TitlePlanet of the Ood
No. of Episodes1
Series No.
Episode No.
Series 4
Episode 3
Broadcast Date19th Apr 2008
Run-Time43' 38"
DoctorTenth Doctor
CompanionDonna Noble
A Rabid Ood threatens the guards


With the TARDIS on random mode, the Doctor and Donna land on the Ood Sphere where they meet a dying Ood which has "Red Eye". Intrigued, the Doctor and Donna investigate the Ood Operations complex, discovering the horrible secrets behind the Ood servants. Can they put things right and free the Ood from their slavery?

The Death Count

CharacterTime of DeathDescription
Mr Bartle1' 09"Ood translator ball
Ood Delta Fifty6' 36"Gunshot wound, shot by guards
Unnamed Ood13' 47"Shot by guards
Unnamed Guard21' 36"Ood translator ball
Unnamed Guest29' 45"Ood translator ball
Unnamed Guest29' 55"Ood translator ball
Unnamed Guest20' 58"Ood translator ball
Solana Mercurio30' 17"Ood translator ball
Unnamed Ood30' 43"Shot by guards
Unnamed Guard30' 48"Ood translator ball
Unnamed Ood30' 57"Shot by guards
Commander Kess31' 11"Gassed by Ood
Unnamed Ood32' 52"Shot by guards
Unnamed Guard35' 55"Rabid Ood
Dr Ryder37' 06"Thrown by Halpen into Ood Brain
Mr Halpen39' 21"Turns onto Ood-kind

Death Toll:


Death Rating:

36.67 (Yellow)

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