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Death Count - Silver Nemesis

Hello readers! In this edition of the Death Count series, I will be counting up the deaths in the Seventh Doctor story, and 25th Anniversary story, Silver Nemesis.

About this Story

TitleSilver Nemesis
No. of Episodes3
Season No.
Serial No.
Season 25
Serial 3
Broadcast Dates23rd Nov -
th Dec 1988
Run-Time73' 29"
DoctorSeventh Doctor
Cybermen hunt down the Nemesis Statue


When the Doctor forgets about the Nemesis Comet landing on Earth, three groups fight for control of the universe. The groups attempt to complete the statue, in order to gain control of the universe, however, the Doctor steals one of the pieces to prevent this happening. Can he hold on to it? And can he overpower the Cyber Fleet that surrounds Earth?

The Death Count

Episode One

CharacterTime of DeathDescription
Mathematician9' 35"Killed by Lady Peinforte
The Nemesis Comet lands on Earth

Death Toll:


Death Rating:

4.07 (White)

Episode Two

CharacterTime of DeathDescription
Soldier1' 35"Killed by Cyberman
Cyberman2' 23"Golden arrow, fired by Lady Peinforte
Soldier2' 39"Killed by Cyberman
Soldier2' 45"Killed by Cyberman
Cyberman2' 55"Golden arrow, fired by Lady Peinforte
Soldier4' 23"Killed by Cyberman
Cyberman13' 21"Golden Arrow, fired by Richard Maynarde
Cybership Guard16' 11"Killed by Cyberman
Cybership Guard16' 11"Killed by Cyberman
De Flores makes a deal with the Cybermen

Death Toll:


Death Rating:

37.11 (Yellow)

Episode Three

CharacterTime of DeathDescription
Cyberman11' 05"Golden coin, catapulted by Ace
Cyberman12' 23"Golden coin, catapulted by Ace
Cyberman12' 53"Golden coin, catapulted by Ace
Cyberman14' 20"Killed by Cyberman (Ace dodged)
Cyberman14' 26"Shot by Cyberman, fell from balcony (Ace dodged)
Cyberman16' 07"Rocket blasters, triggered by the Doctor
Cyberman16' 07"Rocket blasters, triggered by the Doctor
De Flores17' 10"Killed by Cyber Leader
Karl17' 12"Killed by Cyber Leader
Peinforte21' 01"Merged with Nemesis
Nemesis21' 41"Triggered explosion to destroyed Cyber Fleet
Cyber Leader22' 11"Stabbed with golden arrow by Richard Maynarde
Ace firing gold coins at Cybermen

In explosion at 21' 41", the entire Cyber Fleet was also destroyed

Death Toll:


Death Rating:

48.65 (Orange)


Death Toll:


Death Rating:

29.94 (Green)

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