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New Episode Reaction - Deep Breath *SPOILERS*

Hello readers. Today we have something new! An initial reaction to a episode that has freshly aired! Over the next 12 weeks, I hope that this can be a weekly thing. I hope you enjoy and I'd love to hear any feedback, or discussion points, in the comments!

About this Story

TitleDeep Breath
No. of Episodes1
Series No.
Episode No.
Series 8
Episode 1
Broadcast Dates23rd Aug
Overnight Ratings (UK)6.79 million
DoctorTwelfth Doctor
CompanionClara Oswald
The Doctor and Clara Oswald

The Reaction


  • Scene with the Burning Dinosaur - This was Capaldi's first action scene and I thought it was brilliant! Capaldi played it brilliantly and he had me hanging on wondering what on Earth was going to happen next.
  • Clara and Strax's comic relief - For me, a large part of Doctor Who is it's humour. I thought that the scenes with Clara and Strax were brilliantly executed! It was great to see the bright side to Clara again, as she hasn't had much to smile about since May 2013!
  • Face recognition - I cannot wait for this storyline! I love that it is going to be a big thing (or I got that impression from the way it was acted), instead of just a passing comment such as "I picked a face I met and I liked." On top of this, the Doctor makes the Half-Faced Man wonder how he got his face, which, to me, seemed like the idea was for us to question whether the Doctor was any batter than this face-stealing droid! Brilliant!
  • Underground Spaceship scenes - I loved this! When the Doctor trapped Clara in there, it was so shocking, and Jenna's acting of the scene where she held her breath was amazing! She had me holding my breath too, except I didn't hold mine for as long... Also, big ups to Clara for offering tips to those who want to be teachers! Overall, the dark nature of this scene was excelllent, and I can't wait for mor elike it! Brilliant acting too, probably said that already...
  • Fall or Push? - Did he or didn't he? This was fantastic! It gets us wondering just how far this Doctor will go to win. He is already shown to be completely irrational earlier in the episode, so it is inferred he is certainly capable of doing this. But this "how far will he go" thing should be brilliant with the Dalek episode next week!
  • You've Redecorated - This line, I love this line. A brilliant nod to Classic Who, but I have noticed the frequency of its use rise recently. I love this kind of reference, but the same reference over and over again will get stale. So references brilliant! But constructive criticism is to use a variety!
  • Matt - Guh the feels. A brilliantly acted and well executed passing of the baton to Peter Capaldi. I feel like this was Steven Moffat's way of telling the fans to "get over it!" This is where Clara begins to trust the new Doctor, and it feels like this when we can also begin to trust him! Brilliant use of the companion to influence the audience!

Low Points

  • Pre-Titles - Personally, I think Victorian London looked massively faked. Also, that orange glow with no explanation was sort of annoying me. Was it just the sunset? Also, when Strax knocks on the TARDIS door there is no dinosaur saliva. When the door opens, saliva magically appears. Then vanishes again, reappearing in another shot... Oops?
  • Jenny's Interruption - The confrontation between Clara and Vastra was a brilliant and tense piece of drama, but I couldn't help felling that it was ruined by Jenny's round of applause after Clara's gripping speech. It kind of ruined the moment for me...
  • Stop-Start Pace - The episode overall to me seemed to be like a patchwork. Each patch worked brilliantly, but the switching between patches wasn't brilliant. We'd switch immediately from a fast paced action scene, to a slow paced scene, back to the action, then slowing it down again.
  • Paternoster Gang Entrance - In the underground spaceship, the entrance of the Paternoster Gang seemed like too much. We suddenly needed to have five characters and we couldn't everything that was happening. It all seemed a bit busy and cramped in there... Hardly ideal for a sword fight and a Sontaran with a laser blaster...

The BRAND NEW Title Sequence

The graphics are great! A breath of fresh air after spacey-vortexy stuff. I like this! The music, on the other hand, is very...Christmas-y... But it improves in the second half of the titles. Less jingle-y parts... I guess I'll learn to love it over the next 12 weeks! If not, I'll go seek solace in the Series 4 titles.

Quote of the Week

"These are attack eyebrows! You could take bottle tops off with these!" - The Doctor

Thank you for reading! Drop a comment with your thoughts or suggestions! They will be greatly appreciated!

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