Sunday, October 4, 2015

New Episode Reaction - Under the Lake *SPOILERS*

About this Story

TitleUnder the Lake
Series No.
Episode No.
Series Nine
Episode Three
Broadcast Dates23rd Oct 2015
Overnight Ratings (UK)3.74 Million
DoctorTwelfth Doctor
CompanionClara Oswald

The Doctor and Clara find an adventure in The Drum,
an underwater mining facility in Scotland

The Reaction


  • Base Under Seige - I love a good one of these, and this was certainly a good one. The atmosphere of the underwater base was perfect for tension building, helped along by the strong score from Murray Gold.
  • Guest Cast - It was lovely to have our first "proper" guest cast since Last Christmas! The two-parter is giving us a chance to get to know these characters better, with some pretty solid acting from them, particularly Sophie Stone, whose facial expressions were often more believable than some of the dialogue from other characters.
  • The Doctor and Clara - After being separated for much of the previous story, it was excellent to see them together in a new stage of their relationship. Capaldi and Coleman work brilliantly together, meaning I am beginning to draw parallels with the Tennant/Tate dynamic of Series Four, the best since the Baker/Sladen pairing.
  • Cards of Humanity - Clara's cue cards for the Doctor to be more human were great. The card with Aberdeen pulled on my emotions, and Capaldi's failed delivery of the card brought some good humour to the episode. Twelve's inhumanity is quite refreshing after the very human Doctors that have preceded him.
  • Threat - The amazing special effects made the ghosts pretty convincing. Their killing of Pritchard was harrowingly spooky, and his whole death scene had parallels with that of Scooti from The Impossible Planet, a story which I love.

It's soon a race against time to save the
lives of everyone on the base

Low Points

  • Wearable Technology - The sunglasses don't even look remotely "sonic" and it's just a stupid addition which should be removed sooner rather than later.
  • Faraday Cage - It's a bit like when you played tag in the school yard and had a base: everyone stayed on base and it was boring. Also, the ghosts were locked in there a bit too early, but that's just a minor nitpick...

Quote of the Week

Pritchard: "If it all goes pear-shaped, it's not them that lose a bonus."
The Doctor: "It's ok! I're an idiot."

Thank you for reading! Drop a comment with your thoughts or suggestions! They will be greatly appreciated!

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