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Character Profile - Rose Tyler: The Returns

Calling Out

Following the conclusion of the battle of Canary Wharf, Rose finds herself trapped in a parallel universe with no way to return to her home universe. However, as determined as ever, Rose did not let this stop her. Rose makes a surprise appearance at the end of Partners in Crime, when Donna Noble leaves her with a message for Sylvia, Donna's mother. However, without passing the message on, Rose disappears with a flash of light, returning to the parallel universe, with neither her or Donna knowing about the other person's connection with the Doctor.

Rose calls out to the Doctor
Rose later appears on the TARDIS scanner silently calling out for the Doctor, unseen by Donna, who was concentrating on the plan to defeat the Sontarans. The same happens later on in the Crusader-50 on the planet Midnight. However, the Doctor is busy dealing with the entity that is terrorising the passengers of the stricken tour bus.

Bad Wolf Rises

When Donna had an alternate timeline created around her decision to turn left at a junction, a choice that led her to meet the Doctor. In this alternate timeline, Donna turns right, causing her never to meet the Doctor. Rose appears to Donna several times after the Doctor died in this parallel universe as Donna was not there to intervene. During this time, Rose encourages Donna to get out of London for Christmas in 2008, saving her from the Titanic which crash-landed in Central London without the Doctor to prevent it, but leaving Donna homeless.

Rose persuades Donna that the
timeline is not right
Rose appears to Donna once again, revealing she is working with UNIT to attempt to fix the timeline. They have realised that Donna is the cause of this timeline, and to prevent it ever happening, Rose has to persuade Donna to travel back in time and somehow convince herself to turn left. After Donna sacrifices herself to save the timelines, Rose leaves her a message for the Doctor: "Bad Wolf."

When the Earth is transported across space, Rose returns to her home universe in the midst of a Dalek invasion. Trying desperately to contact the Doctor, Rose attempts to join the Subwave Network with the Doctor's other friends. However, this is unsuccessful, leading her to go and find the Doctor by herself. However, just as they are about to reunite, a Dalek shoots the Doctor, causing the Doctor to begin regenerating...

The Metacrisis Doctor goes to the
parallel world with Rose
The Doctor manages to direct the regeneration energy into his severed hand, allowing him to keep his appearance, following which Rose infiltrates the Dalek Crucible alongside the Doctor, Donna and Jack. Here, Rose meets Davros, creator of the Daleks, before teaming up with more of the Doctor's friends to defeat Davros and the Daleks, with help from the Metacrisis Doctor. Following this, Rose is forced to return to the parallel world, but this time she gets to keep the Metacrisis Doctor, who like her, only has one life.

Shining Moment

The Moment takes on the
form of the Bad Wolf
Rose appears again as the Tenth Doctor visits all his friends prior to his regeneration. However, as Rose is in the parallel world, the Doctor has to visit Rose in the past, meeting her on New Year's Day 2005, where he foreshadows her later meeting with him.

When the War Doctor is about to use the Moment to destroy Gallifrey, the interface takes on the shape of Rose as an important figure from the Doctor's timeline. In the form of "Bad Wolf", the Moment guides the War Doctor to make the right decision, showing him his future selves and how his choice affects his future.

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